Why Businesses are Turning to Headhunters to Seek New Talent

By: Tom Johnston | Date: April 19, 2017 | Categories: SearchPath

The trend of companies turning to Headhunters for high performing talent is not new and is escalating because of a couple of major reasons:

  • Passive Candidates: The ideal candidate is a passive candidate not an active candidate.  The candidate that is spending everyday doing a great job and working hard, not surfing the job boards looking for a new one are passive candidates.


  • Good Headhunters have established themselves in a specific industry niche and have built relationships with the ideal, passive candidates.  They can call and actually recruit a passive candidate to explore opportunities that internal recruiters cannot do.  This is the key to the what a good recruiter actually does, they RECRUIT someone with the right skills and industry experience to explore a new opportunity.


  • The explosion of tools like LinkedIn and Indeed has actually had a huge negative effect on recruiting for top talent.  They have made it too easy to search for candidates using key words.  This is not recruiting, it is very close to spamming.


  • Companies hire inexperienced “recruiters” to surf the internet all day and barrage candidates with random emails.  Some companies are actually hiring people overseas to send thousands of emails a day in the hope of finding a good candidate.  Great candidates don’t have time for this, they are focusing on doing their jobs, not looking for a new role.  More and more of the top candidates are ignoring the emails, but the smart ones keep good relationships with a couple of select industry headhunters that they trust and are open to listen.


  • Finally, companies are realizing that in the “War for Talent”, finding the best candidate is far more important than just finding the available candidate. Paying a search fee is a non-issue if the identified candidate is a star, they will earn the company the cost of the fee many times over.