Why is it so hard to find a job when there are millions of open jobs?

By: Tom Johnston | Date: May 14, 2019 | Categories: SearchPath

The answer is simple.  The first reason why it is so hard to find a job is because most people do not know how to look for a job.  Sending resumes to open roles listed on job boards does not work.  In fact, it has never worked.  The key to building a true career plan is to spend the time to have a realistic, definable career goal.  Then you must gain the education, knowledge and skills to be able to perform that role. 

Once a plan is developed, this is where the concept of a focused network becomes important.  Identify the companies that can give you the opportunity to purse your career goal and then build relationships with key decision makers in those companies so that when the ideal role opens, you get the call.

One of the other major factors hindering people’s ability to option a job is that most do not know how to interview.   If you cannot give a compelling reason for someone to hire you, the won’t.   Learning to tell your story and why and how you will be able to help a company solve a problem or a need is a sill that everyone needs to learn.   Every company will hire someone that can help them build and grow their company, are you that person?