2015 new office openings at the highest level since 2008

By: admin | Date: January 30, 2016 | Categories: SearchPath

“In 2015 we opened more offices than we have since the Great Recession” said Thomas K. Johnston, President and CEO of SearchPath.  “We already have 4 in 2016 and have a solid pipeline which includes a number of international locations.”  Johnston readily points to the upswing in the employment market as a boon to franchise sales.  “With all of the indicators pointing to both a growth in the overall market and stronger numbers of hires in our key industries, this is a great time to be starting up a business in the placement industry.”

For Johnston predicting a positive market goes beyond the normal statistics.  Along with working with franchisees to continue to hit their goals and growing the network, Johnston still manages his search practice placing headhunters in other headhunting firms.  With clients in executive and professional search along with staffing and PEO firms he has a unique viewpoint.  “Today we have more activity in my practice than ever.  We have been able to not only grow new people in our office, but have added 3 new franchise offices that have also entered the industry, in part fueled by needs identified by my team.” Because of this level of activity Johnston has needed to do something he has never had to do in the past, make plans to have his entire team be working outside of the office in July.  “We moved our offices in 2015 to the prestigious IMG building in the heart of the Cleveland financial district.  Unfortunately, that puts us a block away from the Convention center.”  The Cleveland Convention Center is the primary site of the Republican National Convention.  “Any other year we would probably just roll along thru the summer months, this year we can’t afford to lose a day let alone the week of the Convention and the bumper weeks before and after.”

SearchPath was founded in 2005 in Cleveland, OH.  In 2012 the company changed its internal structure to better serve the existing franchise network and to provide a stronger platform for new franchisees.  The information above contains results from offices that are in the entire network regardless of year of entry.  The numbers above are of past performance of the network and are not guarantees of future earnings.  For more information about the SearchPath franchise offering contact sales@searchpath.com.