Key Segments Grow in 1st Quarter

By: admin | Date: May 2, 2016 | Categories: SearchPath

While technology continues to be the predominate segment, SearchPath has seen shifts in other practices.  On the upswing are Business Services driven by explosive growth in Employer Services, Financial Services with Banking and Consumer with Automotive and Pet Products rising in 2016.

Segment 2015 2016
Business Services 11.59% 22.03%
Consumer 5.80% 12.86%
Energy 3.51% 2.44%
Financial Services 1.50% 3.77%
Industrial 26.55% 17.51%
Life Sciences 5.14% 1.67%
Technology 45.91% 39.71%

Thomas K. Johnston, President and CEO of SearchPath says “We started seeing the shifts in the last 3rd of 2015 but on a straight quarter to quarter comparison the changes are pronounced.”  “Our clients have adjusted to the changing economy and consumer needs” continued Johnston.  “We expect that some of the differences will flatten out in the rest of the year, the upticks in both Business Services and Consumer should continue to show strength.”

SearchPath was founded in 2005 in Cleveland, OH.  In 2012 the company changed its internal structure to better serve the existing franchise network and to provide a stronger platform for new franchisees.  The information above contains results from offices that are in the entire network regardless of year of entry.  The numbers above are of past performance of the network and are not guarantees of future earnings.  For more information about the SearchPath franchise offering contact