George Molakal, CEO of Alcor Fund and Thomas Johnston, CEO of SearchPath, announced the creation of a Joint Venture, AlcorSearchPath, to introduce a franchise opportunity into the rapidly developing India and Southeast Asia market. The combination of this two organizations to help global companies compete in the war for talent. Alcor’s history and focus on the all services and offerings in the human resource area is an ideal partner for SearchPath as they begin their global expansion. In addition to providing a solid base of expertise in India to support the initial launch and expansion of SearchPath, Alcor is also adding a number of related services offerings that will help clients recruit, assess, hire and retain game changing talent. This is a collaboration of one of the fastest growing search and recruiting franchises and a global leader in HR services. This unique relationship will allow SearchPath to leverage Alcor’s extensive network and service offering to grow the SearchPath franchise network, and ideally create new revenue-generating opportunities for both firms and all their future franchise owners.

SearchPath CEO, Tom Johnston, stated that, “the relationship with the Alcor is an ideal platform for us to begin expanding our service offering into the international marketplace. With over 10 years and 41 franchises, we are now ready to begin a very aggressive growth plan. The global war for talent is raging and companies around the world are desperate for high performing talent. Our offering will enable entrepreneurs to launch a professional services firm that offers multiple revenue generating services that address the evolving needs of our clients. To compete in the global economy, companies have to have a vibrant pipeline of talent. We are very excited to partner with Alcor and believe that our both of our firm’s long term strategic and tactical goals are aligned and will help our new franchise partners build and grow highly successful search and recruiting firms.”

George Molakal, commented that, “Alcor has a long history in the HR services area and we have been searching for a strategic partner to fill our gap in the executive search area. Strategically, if we can place the leaders in an organization, that will give us a unique relationship that we can leverage and offer other services and solutions. One of our key goals was to find a partner that would enhance our desire to support entrepreneurship in the India market. We looked at many of the various service offerings, but it was clear from our first meeting that SearchPath had all the things we were looking for in a JV partner. A track record of success with franchisees, a strong leadership team and the platform that would be able to include and distribute our various product offerings both in India, US and the rest of the world. Our goal is to quickly identify our first 25 Foundation partners and then to quickly expand to at least 250 units in India. Once we are firmly established in India, we will begin expanding throughout the region.”

About Alcor
Alcor ( is a Global Private Equity firm that uses a cube-I model of corporate governance to ensure globalization of services by localization. Our strengths lie in combining our strategic growth understanding with our market expertise and applying these with absolute commitment to growth success. Our core Human Resource businesses are built to achieve growth imperatives. We work with clients to maximize the pace and alignment required to grow their business and to reduce the related risk.

About SearchPath, Inc.
SearchPath, Inc. (SP) SP is a U.S.-based talent acquisition professional services firm, with 41 franchises nationwide. Founded in 2005, SP’s goal is to become the premier, vertically-integrated provider of search and recruiting services in the world. SP is also a franchisor of its business that has redefined the way clients do business with recruiters by implementing a client-centric approach that combines proven industry best practices and revolutionary concepts.

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