Are you Recruiting for the Right Reasons?

By: Tom Johnston | Date: December 8, 2016 | Categories: SearchPath

Young businesswoman sitting at workplace and reading paper in office

It seems that at least once a day I must explain to someone that I am not one of “those” recruiters.  There are thousands of people in the world that call themselves recruiters.  They use many other titles, some call themselves Headhunters, others call themselves Executive Search Consultants, and Talent Acquisition Consultants. There are a few great ones, professionals that do things the right way for the right reasons.

A great recruiter does what they do because they love helping companies grow by hiring great people and they help great people evaluate new, potentially career enhancing opportunities. They build and nurture relationships. They are some of the happiest people you know because they spend each day helping improve the world around them, and are well compensated. Simple, but what defines being a recruiter for the wrong reasons?

Recruiting for the wrong reasons is someone that gets into this profession with only one motivation. They do it for the money. Making money is not a bad thing, but if you make it about you and the driving force behind every call is money, everyone around you will quickly figure it out and your career will be short lived. Petty simple and it can relate to just about every career. Think about the last time you brought a cup of coffee, purchased a car, maybe a hamburger. When the people we deal with make it about the customer or client, the entire process and relationship becomes very pleasant and enjoyable. As soon as someone makes it about them and their goals, everything changes. No longer pleasant, no longer enjoyable.  We may have to deal with the situation, but we never want to repeat the experience. We choose different options. So, bottom line, to be the best, do it for others.