Giving Back

By: Tom Johnston | Date: January 6, 2017 | Categories: SearchPath

Landscape with tree

One of the major themes that helps headhunters find success is the concept of giving back.  I believe the key to real achievement and happiness in search and in life is to never focus too heavily on the money.  I agree that we all have a responsibility and a right to make money, but we also have to create some balance in our lives.


Unfortunately, many Headhunters are so focused on the deal that they forget the people side of the equation.  As much as we need to address the needs of our clients, we have to remember that every person we talk too has to be treated with respect because they may one day be in a position to influence decisions that can impact you and your business.


In addition, there are many opportunities to contribute that fall completely outside the headhunter business.  Are you involved in your community, local charities or other worthwhile organizations?  One of our franchise owners, Eric Chittenden, rode his bike up to our office in Cleveland to say hello.  Eric lives in Vermont.  He decided to ride his bike across the United States to raise money for Vermont Food Bank and help create awareness for those in the US that go hungry every day. He started in Seattle and over the course of a few months ended back in CT.


This is a fantastic example of the giving spirit.  Take a minute and make a donation. Grab a cup of coffee with someone that is struggling with their career.  You may be surprised about how good it feels and how it may come back to you later.