Why Hunters Rule the World

By: Tom Johnston | Date: January 20, 2017 | Categories: SearchPath

Since the dawn of time, human personalities have split into types: the hunters, and the farmer-gatherers. The farmer-gatherers do important work, but the hunters are the ones with skin in the game. They’re the ones willing to risk their lives for the common good.


Who are our modern hunters? They’re the leaders, the captains, the revenue producers —- the ones willing to pick up the phone time and time again, the ones determined to make that sale, and close the deal.  The hunter personality takes risks, and gets things done. This translates into business dynamics, as well. Like personalities, companies divide into two parts: the hunters, who bring in the revenue, and the farmer-gatherers, who allocate what the hunters bring in. The hunters do what’s uncomfortable for others — where a farmer sees obstacles, a hunter recognizes a chance for achievement. Hunters enjoy a challenge. The allocators do what’s safe. The hunters push past fear, and achieve.

The profession of headhunting is a perfect example of the modern hunter mentality in action. Headhunters get paid to take risks; they’re the ones who go out and not only find, but also capture other revenue producers (on behalf of other companies). Headhunters have to be willing to fail —- they know it can happen, but they conquer that fear. Executives and CEOs meet challenges on a regular basis; they show resilience in the face of battle, and they tough it out. That’s why they’re valuable. That’s why headhunters pursue them.

Hunters apply an assertive approach to everyday life, as well. They give back aggressively, too: sharing resources, offering opportunities to others, helping their communities, and supporting those around them through advice and example. They’re fully engaged in life: with their families, their companies, their communities. Hunters are people of action.

Nothing comes from stasis; true opportunity doesn’t come without effort. If it’s valuable, it takes work. Find a way to enjoy the process, to revel in the risk being a Headhunter.