Who is SearchPath

What would be a perfect work week in your eyes? It is probably not Monday through Friday 9 to 5.

This pattern does not always fit in with the demands of modern living. As an experienced professional, you know what you need to do in order to gain the revenue you need to live the life that you want. You know how much work needs to be done, and when the best time to do it would be. A SearchPath franchise is the career solution for professionals who seek both financial success and freedom and flexibility in their lifestyle.

We are the only franchisor of talent acquisition services that offers the opportunity to build wealth through multiple recurring revenue opportunities.

SearchPath and its franchisees are currently poised to take advantage of an excellent growth opportunity. Historically, the Human Capital industry has experienced double-digit growth for eight to ten years following an economic downturn. This highly profitable opportunity is free of territory restrictions and has very low start up and operating costs.

Our offering is based in a tradition of seeking to help others.

SearchPath provides its franchisees with a leading-edge platform that includes the field support, training, technology solutions, operations, and professional development resources required to build a talent acquisition business, based on best practices. The SearchPath network is comprised of successful, entrepreneurial business people, whose leader is an authority in the executive search industry.

SearchPath CEO Tom Johnston built his business by recruiting recruiters, and combined with the rest of the leadership team, has more than 100 years of experience in search, recruitment, staffing, franchising, office development, technology, and business finanace. As a result, SearchPath has recognized global growth and offers unparalleled opportunities for mentoring, training and education that has led our network to an extraordinary placement rate.

The process is simple, but the journey takes work.

At SearchPath, we make the process of becoming a franchisee simple. We don't have territories, so you can work whereever you are. 3 years from now, if you want to move to Arizona, no problem. We have a number of programs that help you get and keep your cost of entry as low as you need it to be.

Once you decide to join the team, the work begins to get you successfully onboarded and operational. Getting your LinkedIn profile up, establishing a base of data to work with - that's all our part. Your part is to embrace the training and execute the tasks.

Not everyone is a right fit to be a SearchPath franchisee. Our flexibility and adpatablility to your goals approach isn't for everyone. Some people need a rigid structure to start their business. It's ok. There are a number of excellent firms in our industry who can mold you in their fashion.

What make SearchPath different?


We don't force you into a business model that doesn't suit your needs today or into the future. As your needs change our models adapt to those changes. You can be a solo producer, team with other offices, build an office of your own, build a network of trusted partners, or create multiple teams in multiple locations. It's your plan and your life.

Culture of Inclusion

SearchPath's unique model embraces the broad markets that we can serve. From working with students on creating their future, to working with experienced impact players, to creating a entrepreneurial environment to thrive in, SearchPath makes a difference.

3. We Take Leadership Seriously

Our leadership team has grown up in this business. We are in the field working the business to keep fresh with changing trends. We do what we train you to do.

A step ahead

As trends change, new technology surfaces and markets flex, we update and upgrade what we train.

Partners in success

It's a team effort. As a company, SearchPath is only successful when our franchisees are. It's the reason why we have a process to screen in our franchisees. It is also the reason that our vendors are more than just vendors -- they value the relationship and take their experiance and products to help you become stronger.

Multiple Revenue Streams

Based on our flexibility, there are a number of ways to generate revenue in our ecosystem.