Akio Matsuyoshi

Akio Matsuyoshi

Director of User Experience

As a designer, I communicate with clients, users, experts, teammates, and supervisors. Throughout the design process, my goal is to create human interaction through communications design for public dialogue, negotiations, collaboration, and redesign along with the interpretation, perceptions, and suggestions of the people involved. Design communication is a process we all undertake each day of our lives. There is a need for more interaction among people of diverse origins, with a greater emphasis on art, culture, education, and technology. If our differences are what we have in common, then we should strive to create an open and continuous plane where all types of people can exchange ideas, resources, methodologies, and solutions.

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Art Center of Design

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A team player who creates visually engaging and innovative digital, web-based and mobile experiences for a range of cross-platform digital communications. Brings added value to members of the creative team, account services, clients, UX and developers. Ideates iconography, typography, color, space and technology to achieve company goals and objectives. Partners with brand, marketing, development, media and sales teams to bring ideas to life to help drive business.