The answer is simple.  The first reason why it is so hard to find a job is because most people do not know how to look for a job.  Sending resumes to open roles listed on job boards does not work.  In fact, it has never worked.  The key to building a true career plan […]

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Is College really the best choice?

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The recent scandal involving parents paying millions of dollars to send their children to elite colleges and universities has exposed and launched the national debate about the real value of a college education.  The cost of a college education skyrocketed in recent years.  Student loan debt is a huge consideration that needs to be addressed […]

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There was a time that a felony conviction would result in a lifetime of unemployment, low paying jobs and a very high likelihood of returning to prison at some time in the future.    A felon conviction meant closed doors and lack of choices.    The fact is that more than 90% of those individuals that are […]

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