CLEVELAND, OHIO, UNITED STATES, April 18, 2022, SearchPath® Global added 14 new franchises over the last 180 days, increasing their reach by 37% in the Recruiting, Staffing and Talent Management market. This comes after a year of record-breaking growth in every category in 2021. 

According to Jon Bartos, SearchPath® Global President, the continued growth and positive outlook is due to the company’s strong value proposition, the quality of leadership and unmatched franchise support. 

“We know the formula, hard work, and dedication it takes to be successful in the Talent Acquisition Business,” Bartos said. “We base our efforts on best practices that we’ve set and continuously build on those as we see nuances in the market.”

He said the goal of SearchPath® Global is to create opportunities for new franchise owners to be successful by meeting their specific needs, rather than following the one-size-fits all approach that is often seen in the industry. 

“We worked hard to make sure that we created a training program that helps new owners get started quickly, while also addressing individual needs and concerns that always inevitably surface when opening a new business,” Bartos said. “Rather than just sending over information and start-up guides, we work side-by-side with new owners to equip them with the tools they need to be successful, while also working directly with them to implement solutions that are focused on their goals.”

Some of the key strategies to success have been weekly group coaching sessions for franchises, as well as one-on-one mentoring, performance benchmarks, and access to industry-leading analytic services for the life of the franchise. Bartos says the real key to success, however, is the people. 

“Anyone can open a business, but we have worked hard to bring in extraordinary partners to ensure we are upholding our standards of success, while continually striving to get them to the next level,” Bartos said. “We have high expectations for our partners, just as they have high expectations of us. We have proven over the last several years that in this industry, providing actionable wrap-around support leads to unmatched growth.”

Congratulations to the 14 new SearchPath Global franchises:

David Rieth
Brunswick, OH

Vinh Ta
Bartlett, IL

Misty Ursitti
Hebron, IN

Meriah Murphy
Portsmouth, OH

Nate Sprague
Red Lion, PA

Kaye-Ann Brown-Barrett
Monro, PA

John Shavulsky
Travis, TX

Kristie & Sam Mock
Tallahassee, FL

Susan & Bill Clevenger
Eloy, AZ

Hank Winters
Sarasota, FL

John Ledwith
Wayne, PA

Terry Allen
Alpharetta, GA

Troy Shideler
Lakeland, FL

Jonas Lundgren
Fort Wayne, IN

SearchPath® Global has locations around the globe and offers franchisees multiple revenue streams from Executive Search, Inter-Exec®, Contract Staffing, MyHuntPath® Career Management Services, RPM™ Talent Management Performance Analytics Solutions and Human Capital consulting services.

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