Most people hate recruiters and, in many cases, you can’t blame them.

The average person does not have a very clear understanding of exactly what a Executive Search Consultant or recruiter actually does. Someone once told us that we were like ghosts, in the shadows, invisible to most. It is a reputation that has been earned over the years. The key issue is that companies pay our fees and, for the vast majority of recruiters, they are actually trained to ignore most people, to only focus on those that are top performers in their industry niche and to basically disregard everyone else. That is about to change... When SearchPath was launched in 2005, with roots going back to 1988, our goal was to be different. We strive to change the way recruiters work with everyone - our clients, our candidates and each other. The vision of SearchPath is to build a global reputation for helping people -- all people -- to build, develop and manage a successful career. It is a simple vision, but we are fully committed to being the new platform in the talent acquisition industry.

Through our various offerings, we can positively impact everyone from college graduates to senior executives. With our career management platform, MyHuntPath we help people find direction, establish a strategy, and learn the techniques and methodologies to evolve from passive job seekers to proactive job hunters. We will teach them how to become “in demand” talent.

For a select few, we will present career enhancing opportunities for consideration, based on their overall career goals. If appropriate, we can help advance their careers with new and exciting opportunities. Still others will enlist our services to help them build their organizations and teams and help them achieve their strategic goals. Finally, in our overall day to day conversations, we will find people that have an entrepreneurial dream, and if appropriate, they may be selected to join the SearchPath family.