"I just went to my 10-year college reunion and while many of my friends have great jobs that pay well, I am the only one that has a job that allows me complete and total lifestyle flexibility.
As part of a generation of young professionals that are constantly looking for the next best thing, I feel so lucky to have found a career that enables me to adjust my work schedule and career goals to fit where I am in my life on a weekly, monthly or even yearly basis. If I want to take a month off for the holidays, or year off to stay at home with my daughter, I can.and I can still make enough money to support our lifestyle.
On top of that, SearchPath is there to support me and help me to reach my goals, no matter how big or how small they are."
Megan Durham
Columbus, OH
I joined the Searchpath family in 2009 during the worst economic conditions since the Great Depression. Had it not been for the support from corporate and other Searchpath owners, I don’t believe I would have made it.
As a direct result of the relationships I have made within Searchpath, I can honestly say there is no place I’d rather be!
Jeff Harrison
Mid - Michigan
I joined SearchPath back in 2007. What attracted me to SearchPath was the fact I already knew a couple of people that were a part of the team here in the Chicago area. Those people had a solid reputation within the recruiting world. I wanted to become a part of a team to help build a brand name that will be recognized in the industry. What I truly enjoy is the fact that I never feel alone in my office doing what we do. I realize that I am a phone call away from another member of the SearchPath team. The relationships with other offices has grown into friendships and I look forward to building new relationships. Being part of a team is the best way to go.
Tim Murphy
Career Source