We don't force you into a business model that doesn't suit your needs today or into the future. As your needs change our models adapt to those changes. You can be a solo producer, team with other offices, build an office of your own, build a network of trusted partners, or create multiple teams in multiple locations. It's your plan and your life.

Culture of Inclusion

SearchPath's unique model embraces the broad markets that we can serve. From working with students on creating their future, to working with experienced impact players, to creating a entrepreneurial environment to thrive in, SearchPath makes a difference.

3. We Take Leadership Seriously

Our leadership team has grown up in this business. We are in the field working the business to keep fresh with changing trends. We do what we train you to do.

A step ahead

As trends change, new technology surfaces and markets flex, we update and upgrade what we train.

Partners in success

It's a team effort. As a company, SearchPath is only successful when our franchisees are. It's the reason why we have a process to screen in our franchisees. It is also the reason that our vendors are more than just vendors -- they value the relationship and take their experience and products to help you become stronger.

Multiple Revenue Streams

Based on our flexibility, there are a number of ways to generate revenue in our ecosystem.


Nothing impacts a company's success or leads to a company's failure than quality talent aquisition and retention. Because recruitment can make or break a program, at SearchPath we are committed to making sure that as a network we provide the right talent to our corporate clients to help them reach their goals.


There is no other profession that has a greater potential to impact people, their families, their companies and their communities. Studies constantly put career advancement or lack of it high on the list of life changes with getting married or physically moving. It drives our commitment to be the best at what we do and never forget the impact that our success and failures have.


At SearchPath we are all about helping your goals on your schedule. The search profession gives you the flexibility to create a work life balance unlike anyother. Sometimes that means faster growth to build a legacy and other times you need to slow things down to smell the roses. We will be there for you through all of it.

You are not just another field office

If you want a team environment that supports the things that make you who you are, then take the next steps.

Where's Your Buffalo?

Before you invest in our franchise, take the time to decide where it is you want to be down the road.

One of the core priniciples of how we work is to first help people and companies determine where they need to go and how to best get there. We call it "Finding your Buffalo."

Becoming a SearchPath franchisee may not be right for you today. That's ok we will be here for you if it ever is the right time.